Mar 19, 2023 | 60 minutes

Tags: administration, coronavirus, financial disruptions, higher education, strategic partnerships

If the Time Comes: Closing a College Wisely

Inside Higher Ed Webcast

For most colleges and universities, closure is a last resort. But as enrollment and financial pressures intensify, more institutions may come to recognize that closing is inevitable. However, even if this time comes, leaders still face important and difficult choices about when and how to do it; choices that can make a real difference to students, staff, and other stakeholders. So it is incumbent on them to understand and consider what is involved, though fortunately, few have been through the process.

In this webcast, presented by Inside Higher Ed with the financial support of the Transformational Partnerships Fund, two presidents, a board chair, and a lawyer — all with direct experience in college closures — will share their insights in a brief presentation and a moderated panel discussion on how to plan thoughtfully for closure in ways that prioritize the needs of students. Here is a link to a recording of the webcast and the associated presentation including a list of resources related to college closures.


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