Student-centric partnerships

The Transformational Partnerships Fund provides colleges and universities support to explore student-centric partnerships and collaborations that could meaningfully change how they operate and enhance their ability to provide reliable, high-quality educational opportunities for students. TPF will consider partnerships in all forms, ranging from mergers to shared administrative services and consolidated academic offerings.

Confidential and secure

The Transformational Partnerships Fund offers a safe, confidential setting for leaders of institutions of higher education to explore and weigh their options. College and university leaders who are considering partnerships deserve to know their explorations will be managed with the utmost care and discretion, which is why TPF is committed to protecting the confidentiality of participating institutions at every step of the process. Learn more >

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“Support from the ECMC Foundation has been critical for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education as it explores how, by integrating six of our universities, it can address serious financial and demographic challenges, expand opportunities for students, improve their outcomes, enhance affordability, and extend even greater benefit to communities and regions we serve. The Transformational Partnerships Fund will make this type of support available to other institutions at a watershed moment for so much of US higher education.”

—Dan Greenstein
Chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

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