The Fund Manager: SeaChange

The Transformational Partnerships Fund is managed by SeaChange Capital Partners, a nonprofit with deep experience helping nonprofits navigate mergers and other forms of sustained collaboration.

SeaChange Capital Partners is a nonprofit consultancy that has been engaged in a number of national projects like TPF, most notably as coordinator of the Sustained Collaboration Network and manager of the SeaChange-Lodestar Collaboration Fund. SeaChange’s national work is informed by on-the-ground experience, managing the New York Merger and Collaboration Fund and the Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund. Across these funds, SeaChange has review more than 1,200 transactions and made 250+ grants since 2008.  In response to the evident and growing need to build effective partnerships within higher education, SeaChange has been increasingly active within the higher education ecosystem over the last several years, forging strong relationships with stakeholders, making exploratory grants, and engaging in research and writing with an emerging national network of colleagues.

Visit the SeaChange website to learn more.

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