HBCU Ideation Grant

We are delighted to be offering one, special $25,000 seed grant to an institution attending ideation, collaboration & innovation: the Future of HBCUs The purpose of the grant is to help an institution plan, conceive of, or explore a partnership with another institution. The deadline to apply is June 1, 8 pm.

Institutions must be registered for the conference to apply and only one $25,000 be awarded.

The grant application must be made by the president or the applicant must confirm that the president has reviewed the application.

An institution may apply without knowing which other institution(s) it wants to partner with. However, if the application is to explore a particular partnership with another institution, both institutions must be aware of the application and consent to it (and they will split the grant).

The winner of the grant will be determined by SeaChange Capital Partners, a nonprofit which manages the
Transformational Partnerships Fund.

Grant applicants – including the winner – are free to apply to the TPF for a regular grant providing they meet the criteria.

The winner will be selected based on specificity of their proposed partnership, the potential benefits that the partnership, if completed, would have for the institution and its students,  the extent to which the grant would help the process, the candor of the application, the perceived likelihood that the partnership will ultimately be consummated.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time on inquiry@higheredpartnerships.org or call John MacIntosh (347) 461-2029. if you’d like to discuss your situation directly before spending time on this form. John will also be at the conference on May 31 and June 1.

The grant application can be found here.

“Over the coming decade, higher education will go through profound changes. Boards must be open to considering various types of partnerships as a way for the institutions they govern to best advance their educational missions and serve students.”

—Larry Penley
Chair, Arizona Board of Regents

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